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Anniversary Gift for Husband Apple Watch Leather Band, Genuine Leather Brown Apple Watch Band

Anniversary Gift for Husband Apple Watch Leather Band, Genuine Leather Brown Apple Watch Band

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Apple watch leather bands | 42mm, 38mm, 40mm and 44mm | Series 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 & SE

✔ APPLE WATCH LEATHER BANDS- The Apple watch bands are made of premium leather for maximum comfort and support for the watches.

✔ FOR ALL SERIES- The bands support all sizes from 45mm, 38mm to 41mm and 44mm. The bands also fit all series from 1 to 7.

✔ GRAINED LEATHER- The leather used is grained and taken from natural hides. It gives the straps a long life of durability and strength.

✔ EASY INSTALLATION- The bands have stainless steel clasps which are easier to install and adjust to any wrist size.

✔ HYPOALLERGENIC LEATHER- The leather used is sun dried and lacks any toxic preservatives that could cause allergies.

✔ MULTIPLE STYLES- The straps come in multiple designs such regular, slim, cuff and double tour bands.

✔ ERGONOMIC DESIGNS- The leather bands are based on ergonomic designs so they can be used during intense workouts. We all love watches and we need to treat it just as right. Get to yourself or spoil your loved one with genuine leather band for his or her Apple watch. Perfect premium gift for men and women. The bands are made of genuine grained leather, sun dried and tanned. The leather has no industrial dyes or preservatives that could cause skin irritations or allergies. The bands are padded and give maximum support to the watch and keep it secured to the wrist. The metal clasps help to adjust the bands according to the wrist size. The bands fit all the series and sizes of the iWatch. The bands come in multiple styles you can choose from. You can customize your iWatch with a regular band or a slim band that differ in their width but have a standardized look. The cuff band wraps around the wrist like a cuff with a wider band width. The double tour band is a funky style that can be used during concerts with its chic overlapping style.


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